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Weight: 0.3000kg
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Product Description :
ULTRA COMPACT POCKET BLANKET for picnic, camping, etc., which can fold out to 67*55 inches (170*140cm), enough for 6 persons sitting. Water repellent backside and puncture resistant fabric keep you clean and dry on all your adventures. Folding and taking fast and easy. Perfect for picnics, camping, hiking, beach days, sporting events, backpackers, outdoor concerts, festivals, yoga, travel, long walks, fishing and more. All four corners are equipped with small weights and pockets for sand/stones for windy days.


  • Ultra-compact pocketable and foldable blanket
  • It is easy to unfold, setup, refold and be stored in the pouch
  • Easy to put it to your backpack, pocket or attach to key ring (Not included)
  • 4 corner pockets that can be filled with sand or stones for firm fixation
  • Sand-proof and daily waterproof design to keep it clean and dry
  • Perfect to use as a picnic, beach, hiking, outdoor or camping blanket, rain cover

Package Contains :
1 x ROMIX RH33 170*140cm Light & Portable Nylon Foldable Water-resistant Pocket Blanket - Black