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KINGMAX DDR4 completely conforms to JEDEC's new generation memory standards, and is equipped with the advantages of high transmission speed and low power consumption. As the memory chip uses the 8CE stacked packaging method, the memory module's base capacity is increased to 4GB. Hence, the capacity specification can be easily pushed up to 16GB. DDR4 is equipped with many advantages beneficial to users.

  • Tally with JEDEC DDR4 standard
  • Energy-saving:Lower voltage standard (1.2V)
  • Wider bandwidth:Higher data rate
  • Be better for business application
  • High-performance computing system

288-pin DDR4 Memory Module
Un-buffered DIMM

Data Rate 1866MHz 2133MHz 2400MHz 3200MHz
Bandwidth 14.9GB/s 17.0GB/s 18.2GB/s 25.6GB/s
CAS Latency CL=13 CL=15 CL=16 CL=24
Voltage (VDD) 1.2V 1.2V 1.2V 1.2V

Capacity (Single Channel)

4/8/16GB 4/8/16GB 4/8/16GB 4/8/16GB

Capacity (Dual Channel)

8/16/32GB 8/16/32GB 8/16/32GB 8/16/32GB
Interal Banks 16 16 16 16

*DDR4 as below are available, you are always the most welcome to contact us.
*288-pin:Unbuffered DIMM/ Registered DIMM/ ECC Unbuffered DIMM/ VLP Registered DIMM
*260-pin:Unbuffered SO-DIMM

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