(Short Spec: VIBRATION)
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1. This specification is applied to the PG-9062 Dark Fighter Bluetooth Controller designed and produced by IPEGA.

2. This product mainly applies to the game operation under the mobile phones/ tablet PCs of 3.2 or above system, smart TVs and set-top boxes supporting Bluetooth connection,  and the game operation after connected to the Bluetooth of PC Win XP/Win7/Win8.

3. The bottom of A/B/X/Y function key has white LED lighting. When the device is switched on, illuminate for 5 seconds. When the game is operated during the night, the light will be even more dazzling.

4. L2 and R2 function keys are installed within the hall effect sensor. When the keys are pressed, they will be displayed as linear functions. During the game operation, they can be more accurately controlled.

5.The product surface is powder-coated with iron grey powder, infusing it with metallic emotions; the bottom shell is processed with black rubber oil, enabling the hand feel to be more comfortable. As the product structure is ergonomic, you will feel extremely cool during the game operation.

Product function:

The product can be used under the following modes:

1. The Android HID Game Pad mode

2. The Android KeyBoard mode

3. The Android Mouse mode

4. iOS iCade mode

5. iOS X-KEY BOARD mode

6. The X-INPUT cable USB input mode is supported under the PC mode

Electrical parameters:

1. Working voltage: DC3.7V

2. Working current: ≤30mA

3. Static current: ≤80uA

4.Charging input voltage: DC5.0V

5. Charging input current: ≤500mA

6. Wireless/ Bluetooth transmission distance: 8M~10M

7. Battery: 3.7V/ 380mAh 

Package includes:
1 * Bluetooth Gamepad
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual