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The DVI-I to VGA Converter connects computers with DVI connectors to analog VGA monitors or projectors. The converter changes your computer's digital DVI signal to analog graphic signal, so that VGA analog display devices can be connected to your computer with digital output easily and conveniently

Feature :

  • This DVI-I to VGA Adapter provides people who want to use the dual monitors for their working/gaming environment
  • If you display card has two output port, one VGA and one DVI, then, you can simply attach the adapter to the DVI connector from your video card and convert it to VGA connector for setting up dual monitors / projectors.
  • Connect any VGA monitor with HD15 male connector to any computer with DVI-I port (29pin -3 x 8 rows and 1 flat pins and 4 pins).
  • One 15 pins female to male VGA connector
  • One 29 pins DVI-I male connector on the other side