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  • Two Pack Doubles the Fun
    Each package has 2 Green LED Strips for twice as much fun and lighting
  • Magnetic Grip
    A magnetic grip allows you to position your light where you want in your case and easily move it around as many times as you like
  • Uniform LED Lighting
    Cooler Master's LED strips come are designed for a uniform, even lighting for greatly enhanced looks
  • Powered By SATA
    Don’t use precious USB 3 ports or older, outdated power connections. SATA is more compact and easier to connect, and most Computers have lots of extra SATA power ports
  • Aluminum Housing
    The led is wrapped into an aluminum housing for a stronger design with better looks and increased heat dissipation
  • Smooth Even Brightness
    Cooler Master’s LED strips are bright enough to clearly see into cases with darker side panels like Cooler Master's Tempered Glass Panels

Pick From 4 Different Bright LED Colors


Choose between White, Red, Blue, or Green LED Strips or mix and match colors for an even wider palette range of colors. Either way, These LED Strips will make your case shine with bright uniform LED lighting.

System Requirements

Each Universal Single Color LED Strip is powered by a SATA Power plug from your Power Supply. Using both LED Strips requires 2 Sata Power plugs.


Make and Model Cooler Master Universal Single Color LED Strip
Part Number MCA-U000R-GLS000
LED Color Green
Construction Aluminum Chassis
Acrylic Cover
Power Cable SATA Power Cable, 12Vdc, 15 pins
Cable Length 400mm
Dimensions 263 x 12 x 7.8mm
Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • Cooler Master Universal LED Strip Kit with:
    • 2x Green Led Strips w/ SATA Power Plugs